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Between the Posts (BTP) is a year-round Goalkeeper Specific Training Academy.  

Between the Posts is a 360 Academy that has a very progressive, challenging and fun curriculum.  Each week is focused on a specific topic, seamlessly merging and incorporating new topics as the weeks progress.  Keepers are able to develop a solid foundation and stronger fundamentals focusing on one topic at a time; allowing for a more focused coaching experience and longer lasting results for our keepers.  

Our year-round program allows for repetition, muscle memory, increased confidence, improved leadership and all around game awareness.  BTP goalkeepers are supplied with a training environment that will drive success. It is our goal to educate aspiring goalkeepers in every component of the game, on and off the field.  We strive to not only create keepers of the game but keepers in life! 

BTP provides weekly sessions in various locations.  Training in various locations allows our keepers to train multiple times a week and intermingle with various keepers, environments and staff.  Our Academy is currently split into two sessions a night, per location. We offer intermediate sessions during the first hour for youth keepers, 8-12 and more advanced training in our second session, geared towards ages 13+. 

To fill a void with goalkeeper specific training, BTP’s continuously growing staff contains a diverse team of experienced and knowledgeable goalkeeper coaches with one unanimous goal; provide student athletes with the tools to grow, learn, and perform at their highest level.  

If you feel like you’re not getting what you need, or should be getting out of your training sessions, try a free session with us today!  Our hands on training could fill the void your keeper is looking for. Tell your club coaches about the BTP program.  We are happy to work with coaches, schools and clubs alike!   

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