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We Are Back!!!

BTP Academy Sessions Starting Again!! We hope everyone has been healthy and well.  We know this has not been easy on anyone and more than ever, our staff cannot wait
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A Coach Wears Many Hats!!

A Coach Wears Many Hats!!! As a youth coach, regardless of which sport you are involved in you have responsibilities to your players much more important than just their Skill,
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The Importance of Body Language!!

The Importance Of Body Language? I recently spoke to a couple of our BTP after watching them play. The topic of our conversation was how they carried themselves during the
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There’s No Need To Fear Failure!!

There’s No Need to Fear Failure!! In order to reach the elite level in their chosen sport, athletes need to have talent, dedication and the desire to constantly work hard
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Big Day, Launch Day!

Happy Saturday! Today is the day, the site goes live!  We are so excited that you are beginning this new journey with us, and for what the future holds for
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