Commit to Commit to Committing

These past few weeks at Between the Posts GK, we have been working on dealing with and saving shots in and around the 6 Yard box and shots in close.

Over the years I have seen a lot of keepers not attempt to make saves because they “Don’t think they can reach it”, or they simply “Do Not Commit to Attempt to Try”.

Well, “Until You Give It A Go-You Don’t Know” If you try to make the save you may or may not save it but COMMITTING is the first step to making it!

The important thing to understand is we are often capable of doing more than we realize, COMMITTING TO THE SAVE is the first hurdle we need to get over.

If I see a keeper trying to make the save and not quite completing it, we (Between the Posts GK)  can work with them on their technique to enable them to be better prepared to be successful in the future. We will work with them on the details of that particular technique to build it up step by step, making the whole technique more efficient. Leading to more success in the drills, translating to more confidence, and greater the likelihood of ‘Giving it a Go‘ in games!!

We cannot expect a keeper to master everything right away, it is a combined effort between the Keeper and the Keeper coach. The keeper needs to desire to learn and try it, the coach needs the ability and experience to help develop the technique!!!

Have Faith in yourself and Go All Out!

“If You Try Sometimes, You Just Might Find – You Get What You Need”

Enjoy and Please Share!