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BTP Academy

  • General Academy: enrolls keepers as young as 8 years old.  Keepers will remain in the General Academy until they are approximately 13.
  • High School Academy: much more intensive and high tempo, keepers in this Academy are generally ages 13-18.
  • The number of sessions you can attend is based on the Academy Package you register for.

Invoicing and fees

  • Registration Fee: ONE-TIME $50 fee, paid when you initially register for BTP.  If you leave the program and re-enter during a different season, you DO NOT need to pay the registration fee again.
  • When you register for a package, you are paying on a monthly basis.
    • IE. If you register for the Classic Package, you receive 4 sessions.  These sessions can be used in one week, or one month.  At the end of the month, they EXPIRE.  There is NO rollover.   
  • Regardless of attendance, sessions expire after 30 days. No makeups are given for missed sessions. Money paid toward the current month is NOT carried over as a credit toward the following month. 
  • Your account has an interface allowing you to access all your information, purchased packages, sessions, etc..

session cancellations

  • Indoor Training: field space is booked months in advance and no buffer is allowed by the facilities. If a session is cancelled due to weather, time cannot be made up because the fields are reserved and booked in advance by all groups. 
  • Outdoor Training: on occasion, we are forced to cancel due to inclement weather.  We try to continue through rain, unless the fields have been closed.  When sessions are cancelled, it will be posted to the calendar on our website home page and posted on our social media. Be sure to follow, like and tag our pages!
    • Instagram: betweenthepostsgk
    • Facebook: Between the Posts Goalkeeping 

We will accommodate sessions for weather and holiday cancellation purposes ONLY!

player / training policies

  • The BTP shirt you recieve when registering for our academy is to be worn for each session. We are no different than a regular team practice, BTP keepers are expected to train in the kit they are provided.  Additional shirts are available for purchase on our website.
  • Please try to arrive 10 minutes before your session, so you are prepared to start on time.
  • Bring plenty to drink, not all facilities supply water.

Medical/Video Release

  • Release forms need to be completed and on file prior to the player beginning training. 
  • Video/still photography may be taken during our sessions; used as an instructional tool, on social media accounts, and for marketing purposes.