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"Andrew started with BTP at 12 years old with little formal training outside of infrequent one-on-one sessions we were trying to arrange. 3 years later, I've seen a player mature and progress from going on pure "instinct" to playing the Goalkeeper position with confidence. What he has learned in 3+ years he has been with BTP is invaluable and it's taught in a way that makes it easy for him to understand. Additionally, I love the fact that he has been taught to self-evaluate and always asks himself what he can do better. All of this put together has helped in his growth as a player and as a person. Finally, you add that together with the camaraderie with the other keepers he trains with and I would recommend BTP to everyone who asks."

Mike Price

Father of Andrew Price, Plumstead Christian High School, Sophomore

"Sydney Schwanbeck started with BTP at the age of 8 and worked with them until she was 13. She went from goalkeeper for a local team, to travel, to a very high end team at FC Revolution, in a very short amount of time. She decided to leave soccer to concentrate on volleyball, but I can say without a doubt, that all of the instructions not only helped her with fundamentals to advanced techniques in goalkeeping, but continue to help her today in high school, club volleyball and her pursuit to play in college. BTP has been a fantastic part of her growth as an athlete, and I would recommend to anyone looking to improve goalkeeping from local to very high levels of play."


Parents Sydney Schwanbeck

"I moved to Pennsylvania from Florida during middle school. I had received training in the goal for some time at Orlando City before finding Between the Posts, but my technical ability soared once I started to work with Simon and the other awesome coaches. Not only did they help me become a more well-rounded keeper in every way, but they became my family. The BTP coaches have provided advice and guidance during high school and also when looking at college programs. Simon and the coaches have taught us to be leaders and strong, good people first, and I find that carries over into the classroom, during job interviews, and now in the college search process. I will always credit BTP for helping me grow into the keeper and the person I am today!"

Brooklynn Hudgins

Pennridge High School Junior, Future Pioneer at Tusculum University ‘25

“I would like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for Simon and the BTP program. As a former Goalkeeper and coach myself, I can only begin to tell you how impressed I am with the program. Brooklyn began his program a few years ago, and Simon and his team have done an exceptional job improving her as a player. I have seen her grow exponentially with her technical ability in all aspects of her game. The drills that BTP coaches conduct focus on improving footwork, hands, technical ability, and phasing all learnings into game situations. I could not say enough about what they have done and I constantly recommend them to people I speak with all of the time. Most importantly, my daughter not only improved as a player from BTP, but her self-confidence as a person did as well. Simon has been a wonderful support system for her as she has grown up through his system, and Shanda Hudgins and I could not be more thankful. If you are looking for a GK academy that will improve skills while also growing them as a person, this is the place for you. Thanks BTP for everything you have done for our daughter!”

Kevin Hudgins

Father of Brooklynn Hudgins

Grant’s middle school soccer coach just sent us the following unsolicited email following their season ending defeat in the district semifinals yesterday:

Mr & Mrs Christie,
It was common, after a game, for opposing coaches to specifically share how strong of a keeper Grant was. Grant had a great season and was a player that the entire team respected. I also love how he’s involved in activities outside of sports (Jazz band). Being well rounded is so important. I hope he continues his soccer career next year in high school.”

Matt Powell

Tohickon Middleschool, Coach of Grant Christie, Grade 8

“Brayden received this from his BSC Arsenal coach after a 4-1 win against a very challenging team (I should say most of the game we were up by only 1, so it was a nail biter):

So the big save in 2nd half yesterday is probably a game changer. A goal like that from a shot like that at a time like that could have completely reignited the other team. Instead an amazing save gave us the additional energy that we needed to finish the game with confidence and was the final blow it took them out of the game. All of his hard work is truly paying on. He should be very proud of what he's accomplished and also of the level at which he is currently playing. As a coach it gives me great confidence knowing that he is the last line of defense.”

Dan Moyer

BSC Arsenal, Coach of Brayden Risser

“BTP provides an atmosphere that goalkeepers do not get in a team practice environment.  The coaches make it enjoyable but always have the keepers improving week in and week out.  Ever since I’ve started attending BTP sessions I have seen steady improvement in my play. The level of coaching at the goalkeeper position is awesome.”

Max McGrath

2004 EPA ODP GK & Region 1 Pool Player

“Every aspect of the game, from decision making to footwork to positioning (angles) to proper hand placement. This past winter Leah had the opportunity to play goalkeeper for a boys team in a league at Sofive.  In an 11 team league her team gave up the 3rd least amount of goals. Leah was awesome, good technically and tactically. Never over-matched, always confidence which I attribute to BTP. Same thing in the spring.  Leah guest played for a team 1 year older than her. The teamed played in a high EDP division. Never over-matched, very vocal. Good play technically and tactically. Kept her team in games. I can't imagine what type of goalkeeper Leah would be without the great training from BTP.”

Brian Copper

Father or Leah Edinger

“BTP has been a huge part of my improvement as a goalkeeper. The program has allowed me to build my confidence and technique as a player more and has greatly influenced my game. Because of BTP, I have learned to be a leader and build upon my own personal game, while also learning how to help others improve through coaching. It has also prepared me for college and what it is like in an advanced goalkeeper session and that experience really helped with college recruiting. Overall, I am extremely grateful to BTP for making me into the goalkeeper I am!”

Faith Cameron

Southern Lehigh High School Senior, Future Mountie at Mansfield University ‘24